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I always thought the slogan, I Love Regina was more than a bit lame. I was never sure why a decades old slogan idea was suddenly popular again so, I was more than a bit surprised when it actually was embraced by Regina businesses and even by citizens.

That branding was shamelessly copied the I Love New York slogan first used in 1977. The New York logo, using the heart to symbolize love, has been copied over and over again and every time someone in New York make a few bucks.

So yesterday, Mayor Pat Fiacco announced in his annual "State of the City" address, that Regina now has a new logo and slogan. Mayor Pat, who never saw a camera or microphone he didn't like, told the media that "This is how we will tell the world what a great place Regina is to live, to work, to invest, and to visit." Fiacco boasted that the cost of the logo was well worth it and that "...it will pay for its self in population growth and job creation."

Wow, all that in a logo. With that, it will be worth every cent of the $320,000 it cost us.

The Regina Leader Post's editorial board, never one to miss an opportunity to slather over anything Mayor Pat says or does pronounced that, "It is a measure of how far Regina has come that the slogan infinite horizons now accurately describes and promotes a city that's dynamic, innovative, full of potential and possibilities." Oh Yeah, did I mention that it was designed by a Winnipeg company?

But wait, there is more. Fiacco's announcement yesterday was just a preview. The new logo will be officially launched this coming weekend at the new Saskatchewan Olympic pavilion in Vancouver. Does that strike anyone but me, as odd.

I'll bet Vancouver residents and Olympic visitors will be pretty excited about that.

Can anyone spell boondoggle.

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