I got a funny call yesterday. A rep from Montreal called me to ask about some wording which had been put into the CFCF-TV collective agreement 33 years ago. I am the only signatory to the agreement they can find.
I do remember the issue and they have asked me to fly to Montreal mid June to act as a witness in an arbitration hearing. That was a surprise.
It is good to be back in Regina after almost 3 weeks on the road with a brief break part way through.
When I was in Ottawa I walked down to the Byward market and picked up some fresh fiddleheads. They are only available fresh for a very short period of time each spring and I have only ever found them in Eastern Canada. I made fiddlehead risotto for supper. It was a nice treat.


I was in Ottawa for the demo and forum trying to draw attention to the loss of manufacturing jobs in Canada over the last couple of years. It was a bit of a whirlwind trip. I had to get uo at 4:30 to catch a 6:00 flight. Worked in Ottawa until about 21:00 that evening and was up again at 6:00 for my first meeting at 7:00. I then caught a 17:00 flight to Toronto then Regina. Home by 22:00.
It was a good rally. Not as much coverage as we'd have liked. I was scheduled to meet Brad Trost, a Tory MP from Saskatoon but he cancelled on us with 15 minutes notice. There guys don't much like to talk to people who might believe something other than what they do themselves.
Stephan Dion speaks to the crowd while Gilles Duceppe looks on


Chris and me before supper
We actually had brunch today. Chris thought it would be fun to do that so Shelley and I had coffee when we got up and then about noon we served up coffee, sausage, bacon eggs, toast and hash browned potatoes. It was nice. I think we’ll do it again.
I spend most of the day working out side in the garden. I put tomatoes in, Roma, Grape and medium regular sized tomatoes. I planted the catnip and discovered some cilantro growing from last years’ seed. I have pretty much fixed the lawn where the dogs tore it up. We have to just wait for the grass to grow now.
I also bought a few water plants and put the fish in the pond. They look great as always. I think they like the extra space.
We ate supper outside again tonight. It was a lovely evening but to cool to hang out and light a fire.
Back to work tomorrow. I fly to Ottawa for a day Tuesday for a lobby effort about the loss of manufacturing jobs.