This is the first day of our trip east. We droce 920 km from Regina to an Ontario Provincial campground called Blue Lake. It is about 10 km north of the highway, about 35 km west of Dryden.
It is a great spot. Lots of Manitoba families.
Tomorrow we will drive to Agawa Bay south of Wawa.


Christopher is a changed man. What a difference.

We have been spending our day packing the van for tomorrow's departure. Figuring where to put everything is always a hassle the first day particularly with three bikes.
We plan to get an early start . We want to drive into Ontario, east of Kenora.
We had a lovely evening last night. Ann and Dave came over and we had paella. We ate outside on the patio. It was lovely and warm.
Chris made a big move and decided to get his hair cut today.
More on this later


Another warm day!
Chris and I finished laying the floor today. It looks great. There is just some trim to work on but I'll do that after I get back from Eastern Canada.
We will have beets from the garden and lettuce as well. The strawberries are pretty much finished and the raspberries are just about ready.
The flowers in the front are coming in to their own. Things look good.