La Festival Mondial de la Biere

This afternoon we all went headed up to Place Bonaventure where they are holding the Festival Mondial de la Biere. Beer from around the Quebec and the world.

It was a pretty good deal, for $20 you could get 20 tickets and a the beer cost anything from 2  to 5 tickets for a 4 ounce sample. I figured there was too much to try everything so I would stick to IPAs. I particularly liked what was on offer from the Cheval Blanc, a Montreal brew pup that had four IPAs on tap.

We shared around anything that was particularly delightful or unusual:

  •  One by Dieu de Ciel called Umami a red German style beer which was a morrel mushroom flavour - very earthy and they also had a black IPA with a strong coffee flavour - a breakfast beer if you ask me.
  • A rose hibiscus wheat beer
  • The Aphrodisiac was a vanilla and cocoa stout
  • I quite liked the Falconer's Flight IPA from Le Cheval Blanc.
  • Shelley  tried Unibroue's La Terrible stout which once you got used to the background flavour of cloves was quite good.

We tried a  mint, raspberry, chocolate stout which in my view was better left in the bottle and we weren't too impressed with the cream IPA either.

The venue wasn't particularly striking, but the crowd made the place hop. It some point everyone started doing what I called the beer cheer, kind of like the wave at a sporting event. In the hall with its low ceilings  it sounded like a train rushing through.

The food wasn't bad either, everything from large pretzels to BBQ kangaroo.

It was interesting to see booths by Richard's, Kieth's and  even Heineken being ignored by the crowd looking for something different. 


Montreal in Summer

Montreal is a pretty busy place in the summer.

The Entrance to our Metro Stop
It is Grand Prix weekend so there are street parties all over. Crescent Street is jumping and we passed a big reception area not far from us on Notre Dame. Big events mean the students are out too and last night hilocopters hovered above the city all evening making what would have been a lovely night to sit outside a little noisy.

They changed tactics a bit last night and held a nude protest. I am sorry I missed that one.

We spend late morning and afternoon at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. I had forgotten how large a collection they have. Impressive.

Visiting my mother twice a day means we are in and out of the Metro system alot. Up and down those escalators, back and forth. It is a great system though. Every station was designed by a differant archetict so you really get to appreciate their creativty.

Today there were police posted at almost every station. Someone set off a smoke bomb last night and they aren't taking any chances there will be a repeat.


Here in Montreal

Photo Shelley Banks
We are here in Montreal trying to keep tabs on how my ailing mother is doing.

This afternoon we took a break and had lunch in Chinatown then walked into Old Montreal - people watching and checking out the shops and the old port.

We walked back along the old Lachine Canal through Griffentown and Little Burgundy and stopped for a much needed beer at the Burgundy Lion before heading down to check out the situation at the Verdun General.

One of the things I love about a big city is the characters you meet, This guy was out giving his iguana a ride on his bike. He was pleased to have his picture taken.

When we parted company and wished him a good afternoon he assured us that both of them would very much enjoy their bike ride.

Photo Shelley Banks