The Training for Excellence Awards went well. The event which has been held for about 15 years now is maturing well. Unfortunately, except for the co-chairs I was the only SLMC Board member to attend. I tried to escape right after the lunch but I got press ganged to represent the Board in the recipient photographs. The drive back to Regina was pretty uneventful.
It got quite cold in the evening. Chris, Shelley and I went out for supper to celebrate Christopher's birthday. The Keg was predictably good.
Today is sunny again and hopefully warm. It certainly was pleasant first thing. I appeared in front of the Standing Committee on the Economy at the Legislature this morning. I presented our brief on TILMA and took a few questions. I thought it went well.


I spent the whole day in a meeting of the Saskatchewan Labour Market Commission. Our first meeting which dealt a good deal with governance issues. Necessary but not the most exciting way to spend the day, particularly when it is 28 degrees out there.
On the upside I found a new Greek restaurant on 3rd Ave, downtown, Koutouki Taverna. It is more in the tradition of Vancouver Greek restaurants which is what I like. I will be back.
Tommorow I have to attend an awards luncheon then it is back to Regina for supper with Chris, Brittney and Shelley. I assume we will be going to the Keg


Monday comes too soon.

I am in Saskatoon this evening for a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Saskatchewan Labour Market Commission. It is the first face to face meeting of the Board so it will prove to be interesting.

I drove up mid afternoon but at the last minute I had to write some speaking notes for an open line show to help Donnie out in the morning. By 7:00 my stomach was growling so I finished it up as best I could.

I got a little exercise after that and walked across the river to Broadway for a while then spoiled it all be having a couple of Keith's and some pasta at the Freehouse.

To bed early. I didn't sleep very well last night so I have to catch up this evening.


It is great to see the sun after what seemed like alot of rain. I could finally get a little work done in the back yard and Chris cut the grass. It was starting to look like a jungle out there.
We had a long talk with Morgan yesterday which was great. We should see if it is possible to get an international calling plan on our phone. It is some much easier to communicate that it used to be with cel phones, e-mail, Facebook and blogs.
It is Christopher's birthhday Tuesday and I will be in Saskatoon so we went out yesterday and got him a new bike. With the price of gas he figures he'll put it to good use.
After supper Shelley and I lit a fire in the backyard and we sat out until the bugs drove us onto the front proch.