It had to go.

The monster scarlet runner bean plant, with not an actual bean in sight was pretty but...basically served no function but to shade my tomatoes. If I am going to get the number of vine ripened tomatoes I'd like, something had to be done so...I cut it down.

I am going to have to rethink my garden planning next year. This experiment simply didn't work.
Things have been pretty quiet since the Folk Festival. I have been working around the house doing odd jobs and not a lot else.

I just can't seem to get away from work though. So far there has been some kind of interruption on 10 of my vacation days. It is tough to get a clear head when that happens. I serously considered going back a week early but decided "No". We are heading to Banff this weekend.

It is great to start eating things out of the garden. There are lots of grape tomatoes and we ate these Romas as soon as they ripened along with fresh tyme and basil. Not to mention the feta made from our goat's milk. Ok I am kidding about the goats.