Trying to Legitimize an Illegitimate Process

I find it hard not to be cynical about the appointment a British Lord and Ken Watkin, a former judge advocate-general of the Canadian armed forces, as "independent" observers on the Israeli investigation into the attack on the Freedom Flotilla. These observors are Isreal's attempt to sooth international criticizm of a badly flawed process.

If Canada was really interested in an unbiased look at the attack on the flotilla they would insist that this is an Israeli attempt to legitimize an illegitimate process and insist on an inquiry led by the United Nations.

I know that many readers want to write to their Members of Parliament asking that the government change their position on this matter.
a) press for an end to the 3-year blockade of Gaza by the State of Israel;
b) support a UN–mandated independent inquiry on the attack on the Freedom Flotilla

The United Church of Canada has a link that makes that easy. It has a draft letter which you can edit if you like or send it as it is. It also has e-mail links to the leaders and to every MP in Ottawa.

It only takes a few minutes.

Please follow this link: