Another hot day - great! I got all the jobs I had to do finished up early and lazed around enjoying the heat.

Last night's floor hockey was fun but hot. A real sweat fest

I am very happy with the garden so far. Our crop of strawberries for example is so much better that last year.

Vance came over for supper around 7:00 and we hung in until midnight talking. he is doing well.


Today is a little warmer than I like. Tough to move fast in this weather.

I suspect it will only be the hard core floor hockey players tonight with an emphasis on beer rather than exercise.

The whole weekend is supposed to be like this. early morning will be the only reasonable time to get any work done.


It continues to be hot. It is great weather.
Saskatchewan is such a contrast these days with the yellow canola fields, the deep blue of the flax and the deep greens. It is very impressive particularly early evening as the sun gets low.
We ate outside again today. Great weather for it.


Yesterday afternoon I drove to Saskatoon for an 8:00 pm meeting then drove back arriving home at around 11:30. I had forgotten the 9:00 dental appointment this morning. Gurrr
Things are still quiet at work. Everyone is in summer mode
The weather is great, warm (hot) and mostly sunny. The fish are loving it.
Friday they are predicting 35 degrees. It will be a hot night for floor hockey


This is really a test to try the concept of updating my blog by e-mail, in this case, using my Palm Treo. The photo was added later using a computer.
It is a beautiful hot summer day. We should see 30 degrees by late afternoon. Annie had a pool day much to her delight. Ginger as per usual was only mildly impressed.
My hand is improving so I will do a bit of work in the garden.


Here it is Canada Day, hot and dry, the way it is supposed to be.
My "wound" looked pretty good today but was still sore, like a sprain. Mid morning I decided it was swollen and went to see the doc. A tetanus shot and some anti-biotic later I hope it is on the mend. It sure has cut into my work plan though. I had a nap in the hammock this afternoon instead.
Chris and Brittney spent the afternoon at Wascana Lake and will go back tonight for the fireworks.