Spring is Taking it's Time

While other parts of Canada are basking in the April warmth, Saskatchewan is slowly being dragged, kicking and screaming into spring. To damn slowly if you ask me. It isn't like it hasn't warmed up, it has but +1 or +2 isn't exactly balmy and it is still going down into the minus teens at night.
Perhaps it is has just been a long winter but it seems to me that we should be a bit further ahead than we are. Even the geese think so. Yesterday they were honking up a storm, walking around the ice on Wascana Lake looking for good spots to build a nest and wondering if they headed north just a few weeks early.
Not so long ago I'm sure they were lounging around some warm American lake drinking Margaritas saying "Hey Babe, why don't we fly north and, you know, hang out at the nice Wascana Lake?" Yesterday you could almost hear them complaining, "Hey buddy, this isn't what you promised. I'm freezing the web off my feet."
I know it will warm up. It always does eventually, but for me and those geese, it can't be soon enough.