I've been busy

Epson R3000
I feel kind of bad, not posting for almost three weeks now but I have been busy.

I have been doing a bit of consulting with a group in Saskatoon. I enjoy the work but, it does take up time I generally put to other things.

Then I bought a new photo printer. An Epson R3000 inkjet. It will produce very high quality, 13x19 prints on all kinds of different papers, art prints, glossy photographs and poster board.

It also consumes more ink than Oliver Reed did scotch and it is a bit time consuming, as I figure out the finer points this printer offers. It produces stunning prints out of the box but, as with everything, we strive to make them even better.

Back Country Lake
I also spent a few days in Banff and in the Kananaskis back country taking photographs. I love being in the mountains this time of year. It is getting colder. Ice is beginning to form on the lakes but, it is generally clear and sunny.

So, to make a long story short, that and other projects are taking the time I normally use for blogging. But hopefully, I'll be back at it soon.

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