And all the Best for 2012

All this ranting at the Blue Meanies can be a bit draining so, I expect this will be my last blog of the year.

Commentators were all a flutter, near the end of this year's sitting, about Justin Trudeau using unparliamentary language in the House of Commons even though what he said was much less of an obscenity than the statement by the scud stud's older and less credible brother, that he was reacting to. Shame on you Peter Kent.

I will leave the last kick at the cat to blogger Rob Shirkley who takes a look at the troubling Irwin Cotler incident. He has a few things to say about the Speaker of the House, Saskatchewan's own Andrew Scheer although. Few of us expected any truly mature rulings from the boy speaker but this pretty much takes the cake. After this, people here might find it more useful to send him back  from whence he came.

   That done, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2012.