Shelley and I went to the Casino Show Lounge to see Buddy Guy last night. He was pretty amazing in some ways but would have been better keeping things a bit more blues focused.
We woke up to a thunderstorm this morning about 6:00. Shelley flew out about 9:00.
I drove south of the city to buy some sod this morning and I patched up a couple of places that were looking a bit ratty in the back and the front.
Later I was digging up bricks and cleaning out the weeds between them when I somehow managed to stick the sharp implement I was using into my hand. It hurt much more that I thought it would. It is still quite sore. I think it has been bruised quite a bit too.
That kind of wrapped up my work for the day.
Chris and I had supper outside and then he went off to work. Morgan is in France.
Today was hot and humid. Tomorrow is supposed to be more so.


It was cold riding home last night but it was warmer today.

It is still seasonably cool however and we really do want more heat. The strawberries are ripening but we may not get one good dessert out of them. They are too tempting and we are eating them one at a time.

Chris is working so Shelley and I ate out side by ourselves. Very good chicken with a great rub and a little Grand Marnier drizzled over them near the end. Yum!


We woke up to 4 degrees this morning. It was a cool bike ride to work. I hope it warms up significantly as the day goes on.
I have a Regina Folk Festival Board meeting this evening so if it doesn't it will be a cool ride home.


It was quite cool today. Only about 15 degrees and very windy. We are all hoping for some better weather tomorrow.
I spend the day in bargaining or, as those who have some experiance in these matters often say, "waiting"
The strawberries have ripened over night. They are so much better that store bought. Sweet!


It cooled off today and we are expecting rain. I drove my bike again but I will ride home early afternoon so I can get on some slightly more presentable attire for a meeting with the pension commissioner.
Busy day today.


This was a really nice weekend if hot at the start. We played floor hockey Friday night and the gym was soooo... hot. We were tired afterwards.
I worked outside most of the weekend fixing the sprinkler system and cutting the lawn and working in the garden. We are going to have a good crop of strawberries and the raspberries look good too.
Shelley and I sat out a built a fire in the evening. It was very nice.
It was cooler today with a bit of rain early but it cleared up nicely and we ate out side again. I made one of my favorites, paella and it was great.
Chris has a full workload with the new International program. He will be at the university over 12 hours tomorrow.
We have tickets to see buddy Guy Friday night. Shelley has only a few more days then it is off to Vancouver Saturday.