Another sunny day

I rode my bike to work today. I am quite proud of my self. The test will be riding it back home in the heat and mostly uphill.

Chris has been hired to working as a student assistant for the International Program starting next week. He is really enjoying it.

I am working on a web short kids story with pictures for Isabeau and Talya called
Morgan goes to England.


The sun finally came out again today. We have had so much rain that when the hot weather comes things in the garden are really going to plump up.
We watched My Spanish Apartment on DVD last night. It is a Spanish/French production. I loved it.


We had a pretty good weekend. Not too hot, not too cool. Saturday at least was just about right.
We worked outside when we weren't running errands. Shelley and I had a Tim Hortons breakfast which isn't our normal Saturday morning routine. The jury is in - Bad Choice!
Sunday was rainy off and on, mostly on late afternoon. At some point it looked like a tropical shower.
Morgan was in Brighton on Sunday. A far cry from a Saskatchewan weekend.