Airbus A380

This monster was at the gate in Toronto when we passed through the airport on Monday. Double decker and VERY big. Who else but Emerites Airline could afford one

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I won't be posting to this blog very much until we are back in Canada. To follow our travels see the link to your left or click here to go to that site.


Who are They and Where do the Come From?

I am always curious about what brings visitors to this blog. Some visitors are friends just checking in but others are drawn in by search engines when what ever they are looking for finds me. Curiously enough one of my posting with the title "Slogans Important" seems to bring me more visitors that any other. It is a mystery to me.

Another thing I find funny is that very few people leave comments so I am never sure why they turned up or what they think.

I have posted the map to give you an idea where the visitors drop in from.