It was another great mild Vancouver day.

I didn't get a whole lot of work done however. My computer was having a mental health day but, it is much better now. Almost as good as new after a through cleaning and some upgrades. Another gig of ram will help too.

I spent a quiet evening. I picked up a chicken breast stuffed with scallops and lobster in a nice little butcher shop on Denman. I was a bit concerned the last time I tried something like this. it was pretty bad but, this was quite good.
I went down to the beach as it was getting dark. Lots of people out enjoying the evening but once the sun went down it cooled right off.


It is an easy drive from Kamloops to Vancouver across the Coquihalla. There was still snow at the summit but if the sun stays it won't be there long.
Vancouver is lovely and sunny. T-shirt weather. There were even a few brave souls swimming at the beach at English Bay. It still looked a bit chilly for me.
My Hotel wasnt ready so I walked around until mid afternoon.
Here's hoping it lasts
It is a beautifil morning in Kamloops. My sense is that it will be a hot one today. That after all is what Kamloops does best.
I had breakfast and a good night's sleep and I am about to drive the last leg of this trip to Vancouver.
It is a good day for a drive, no pressure and lots of sunshine.


Not the brightest animals in the world

Today was one of those long days where you can't get any momentum going.
I had to finish up approvals for the conference media release. That involves 3 VPs which of course means rewrites. I then had to start to get my head around our motion in front of the National Energy Board.
Trying to work with an Ottawa lawyer and our Ottawa office made things quite abit slower than I'd have liked and I didn't get out of Edmonton until almost noon. Then I had to stop in a small provincial park to take part in a conference call for an hour a few miles west of Edson. We stopped at that park and had supper one time we were camping.
The rest of the drive was good but long. About 820 km.
I saw a few goats and deer in Jasper but I was already late for sightseeing.
I got into Kamloops about 8:30 B.C. time. I got a room with a balcony so I could sit out and have a beer.
I have decided to skip supper
Too tired


Edmonton has been busy. The conference went as expected and I have been trying to write, and rewrite, and rewrite a press release being sensitive to the political sensitivities of three Vice Presidents. No mean feat.

It also seems like I have become a work magnet with more and more projects being piled on. I have to figure out some way to reverse my polarization.

I am just about done so my main objective now is to find somewhere nice to eat.

I had intended to hit the road fairly early tomorrow and to start to drive to Vancouver but I now have to write a release about the National Energy Board hearings we are involved in over pipeline issues. It looks like a late start but, I still have plenty of time to get there.