A foggy, foggy day

What is a bit of fog in the day of a surfer
This morning started out lovely but arount 8:00 the fog rolled in from the Pacific. It played around for a while, in and out but although the town of Tofino was spared, the beaches were pretty socked in.

We walked around and up and down a bit and to be honest it all seemed a bit sureal. The tide was out and the fog was so thick that from the water's edge you could hardly see the shoreline. There was a moderate swell so the surf wasn't bad and the surfers were out in force. Surprisingly once we were on the beach it was quite warm although in the trees above the shore it was cold. Tenters must feel that damp cold  deep into their bones.

Tomorrow we hit the road again and drive to Vancouver.


The Trollsons

I forgot to mention that while at the Vancouver Island Music Festival we tented in an area set aside for volenteers. They weren't sure exactly where to put us,   there was a small section set aside for performers which is where they let us set up. We had a bit more space that most of the others.

The first evening our camping neighbours moved in beside us. It turned out they were a husband and wife team called The Trollsons a pair of very funny children's entertainers who have been touring since 1995.

Long Beach

I love this area of the country. Long Beach is magnificent. We spend the better part of the day walking  the beach and climbing up and down rocky outcroppings marveling at the inter-tidal life. Shelley is becoming an expert in identifying differant types of sea weed.

One more day exploring then off to Vancouver. I would move here in a heartbeat if I had an extra $1,000,000 for some where to live. At least that is how I feel about it in the summer. I am not sure about "storm season".


Several years ago some forest giant was planning to cut timber on Meares Island across from Tofino. Bob Bossin from Stringbank let us know that a young First Nation's artist called Joe David was selling prints to raise funds for the fight. He was working out of Bill Reid's studio and my brother and I tracked him down one night a bought a couple of prints. Mine has been hanging in my living room for over 25 years now.

So, now here we are in Tofino staying at the Inn at Tough City and our room's balcony looks right across the water to Meares Island. The image is the one hanging on my wall all these years.

Vancouver Island Music Festival

We drove on from Nanaimo to Courtney and the Vancouver Island Music Festival.

We has a ball. There was lots of good music and the festival has a very good vibe. The crowd were great. Very laid back. Lots of B.C.bud. I could live here, no problem.

It was quite hot and sunny to at time in the afternoon anywhere without shade became a bit much to handle for any length of time. Luckily they have a couple of stages in the woods and there is a river running through so, many of us spent a little time cooling off with a swim.


We moved on from Juniper Creek through Cashe Creek to Lilioet, Pemberton, Whisler and on to Horseshoe Bay. I always like that ferry ride.We spent the night in Nanaimo.

They have done good things with their old city centre. We decided Greek food would be fun considering that Regina's Greek fare is decidedly lacking. I called for reservations and was told that they were closing at 8:00. We were  disappointed but somewhat resigned to having something else but when we passed the place it seemed open so we went in anyway.

Oddly they greeted us with open arms so we had a small Greek feast and a bottle of Retisina. It was very good