This my attempt to trade a meal with Morgan.
I will trade one fritata with zucchinis fresh from the garden, fried new potatoes, panchetta, garlic, small new onions topped with cheddar and fontina cheeses for:
One black paella with cuttlefish and artichokes.


The hot red peppers are doing very well this year and very soon I will be able to harvest them.
The zucchinis are starting to produce. A few grew quite big while I was away and we have quite a few which will be just the right size by next week.
My butternut squash is growing flowers but so far, there is no fruit. Soon I hope.
The garden is overgrown as usual. It always gets like this late summer. I have no discipline for these things but...We have eaten spinach, beets, lots of onions, lettuce strawberries and of course, used lots of herbs. The cats appreciate the catnip.

As usual as well, we have a few random sunflowers and lots of weeds.

Our beans were showy but have yet to produce an actual bean and yet to harvest we have carrots and lots of tomatoes. We are getting a few ripe grape tomatoes but everything else is green


After Quebec we stayed with my friend Albert in Knowlton over night than drove on to Wolfe Island. We stayed with Sandy and Barbara at their Button Bay B&B.
It is lovely
From Wolfe Island it was a 4 day drive home via Cleveland, Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis, Fargo, we skirted Winnipeg then home.
I always loved Quebec City.

We stayed at the Hotel Belley - Une Hotel Particular. It is a small funky spot near the old port. The sort that has regulars sipping beer on the terrace and playing boules in the evening and another group having espresso and croissant in the morning.

I'd love to live in the city for 6 or 8 months, it is a great spot but more that a bit crowded with tourists in the summer
After Ottawa we drove down to Montreal and picked up my mother and drove north to her cabin deep in the woods of Quebec.
We spent four days doing minor repairs, swimming, paddling, lazing around and eating well. Chris and Brittney spent an amazing amount of time in the water. It is so cool, clear and refreshing.
My mother was out paddling the canoe which is pretty good for an 85 year old.
The weather while we were there was great except that it poured rain the morning we left so we all were pretty damp during the drive to Montreal and on to Quebec City.