New Waterford Boy Makes Good

Well it was a great trip but, it is good to be home. I quite honestly was getting a bit tired of pub food.

While on our travels I did check up on Canadian news from time to time.
  • Michael Ignatieff gets everyone in the media talking about election again and then as expected wimps out, again.
  • Harper and his buddies are back into the attack ads.
  • The RCMP withheld damning e-mail in the inquiry into the Robert Dziekanski tasering.
Not much new there but, I was encouraged by the fact that the NDP got themselves elected in Nova Scotia. On hearing that I said, "I wouldn't be at all surprised if my old buddy Frank is the appointed as the new Labour Minister" Frank is an old NABET buddy of mine from Cape Breton. I haven't seen him for 10 years or more when we shared a scotch or two in Halifax.

On return, I got a call from Nova Scotia and talked to Frank first hand. Oh, excuse me, The Honourable Frank Corbett, Deputy Premier of Nova Scotia.

Well done Frank.