Snakes and Black Widows? What am I doing Here?

Rest assured, I'll keep my eyes peeled
The signs tell me that the bison are wild and can be unpredictable and dangerous so be careful. Another warns me that there are black widow spiders out here and the last thing we see before we head onto the trail to 70 Mile Butte is a sign, in both official langlages warning us about rattlesnakes

I don't even like garter snakes. What the hell am I doing here? Worse still, this walk today was my idea.

Grasslands National Park, despite those aforementioned drawbacks is amazing. It is a huge, beautiful country out here. I am so glad they decided to save these grasslands.  From the top of the butte you can see for miles. Incredible vistas.

Four more days of hiking and driving back roads, checking out old ranch sites, looking for bison and deer and things to photograph.

No rattlesnakes yet but you can bet, we are keeping our fingers crossed.  .