Why We Should Ban Election Polling

The pollsters were positive about it all. Wildrose was going to kick Allison Redford's Ass.  What happened in the end is the media reports of that polling scared the pants off the average Albertan  proving that they are not as rabidly right-wing as the rest of Canada thought they were. OK, they are right-wing -  just not the of the loony variety.

Well, I am happy to report - perhaps I am even gloating a bit - but I was one of the few who predicted the Alberta election result with some accuracy.

Now, if I'd been a bit more accurate with last fall's Saskatchewan election, the world would be a better place.

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  1. I disagree with you on this one. I think so many people base too much faith on a concept which is no better than the odds of playing poker.I speak of the pollsters.

    It seems that the people are more aware of their wants and which party they want to represent them. But as I stated in my comment earlier,, it does not matter who is in what they do is so similar as to make no difference.


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