A little free and easy with the truth

Ok, I think it official now. Prime Minister Stephen Harper thinks we are stupid.

He would have Canadians believe that we were on the edge of being attacked by Russia.  His comments today claiming that the scrambling Canadian military fighter jets somehow stopped Russian bombers from entering Canadian airspace is specious at best.

It is just another example of Harper being fast and easy with the truth.

The Russians have been conducting exercises  with those old bombers for longer than a mojority of Canadians have been alive. It is a game. They never enter our airspace. We always send out a couple of jets to greet them. The pilots wave, shadow them for a bit then both sides go home.

No big deal. No one get pumped about it but the Prime Minister and perhaps Peter McKay who is a bit of a flake to start with.

I just wish they would all just shut up

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