A Rare Day

I'd like to get one thing straight off the top.

You couldn't pay me enough to listen to talk radio's John Gormely or any other of the cadre of rabid right wing professional pontificators. I work at keeping my blood pressure at a reasonable level and no amount of pharmaceuticals are up to the task, if I spend more than about five minutes listening to the Gormely's of the world spout off.
Brad Wall Needs to Take a Hard Look

That being said, I found my self agreeing with Gormley's conclusion that Saskatchewan Party cabinet minister Bill Hutchinson is probably safe in his position, simply because Brad Wall would not want to be seen to be backing down and agreeing with the Film Industry's demands that Wall punt old Bill.

I don't agree with the talk show host's contention that Wall has little choice however. Hutchison's record as a minister leaves much to be desired with most people considering him a buffoon rather that cabinet material. Old Bill should have been shown the door after his stunt, trying to fool a CBC television reporter into thinking that Sask Party employees and campaign workers were random people Bill just came across at a food court. Bill looked like the fool he is but, Brad stood by him.

Brad is simply afraid to step up and show real leadership. He looks more like a small town mayor.

I also disagree that Brad has lots to choose from as he picks his new cabinet. I figure the gene pool is pretty shallow. Small town rubes most of them. Gene Makowski? Come on John. Give me a break.


The one time in my life I agree with Gormley and we're both wrong. Hutchison got turfed from cabinet.
Happy to be wrong. Good work on this one Brad. 

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