Time to Bring in Electoral Reform

Hi there from the Speaker's chair
As one of the sixty percenters, those people who didn’t vote for the blue meanies, I couldn’t help to notice that while the big parties have been quick to defend our undemocratic first past the post electoral system when it comes to General Elections, they recognize how flawed the system is when the time comes to elect the Speaker of the House.

It took six ballots before Andrew Scheer got the keys to that lovely old residence in the Gatineau’s. If the House of Commons used the system, which they think is good enough for the rest of us; the Speaker would most likely be a New Democrat.

It is well past time for this country to talk about serious electoral reform and to join the majority of world democracies in embracing proportional representation.

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  1. I'm with you on this one almost all the way.
    It also teed me off when i watched "their" election process.
    So the almost?
    Well i'm saying it's seventy-five percent really because the non-voters also didn't vote for harper.
    Watch him ...one man dictating to three others... masquerading as a democracy...only in Canada you say?
    And omg ...You should be about the first to know ....I'm in love!!!!
    Check this out http://www.canada.com/news/Senate+page+turfed+after+holding+Stop+Harper+sign+during+Throne+Speech/4889991/story.html
    We can only hope ...thus it begins.


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