Do You Think This Might be Spring?

All in all it hasn't been a really tough winter. Sure there were some minus 50 C days when you count wind chill but, we toughed it out.

There was quite a bit of snow here so the slow melt we've had so far is good. It keeps runoff toa minimum and floods waters down. I am thinking more about my garage here than the Red River but...

My yard is a mess, sloppy and wet with plies of detritus is should have picked up before the snow came. In a couple of days when all the snow is gone I'll be tramping around in rubber boots wondering why I didn't get to it in the fall.

Before too long I'llbe thinking about planning my garden.

We could still see a little snow yet but there are rumours of crocus in the valley and I for one, am ready.

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