How does it Look Outside?

There was an article in the paper today suggesting that Canadians don’t have much faith in our weather forecasting.


Where I live, in Regina, the long range forecasts seldom actually match what those prevailing westerlies bring us, day in and day out. Of course, the meteorologists responsible for predicting our weather live in Winnipeg, a six hour drive to the east of us. They can't even take a look outside and give it their best shot, or perhaps they do.

My sense is that we’d have better luck if Environment Canada re-located those guys to Calgary. At least that would give them a 50-50 chance of getting it right.

That damn five day forecast changes radically day to day. I am not sure why I even look at it.

When they say predicting weather is a gamble, I thing they are right. I figure that every morning a few of the Environment Canada staff get together around a big felt covered table and bring out the five forecast dice. I imagine that each side has on it a different icon, the sun, rain, sunny with a bit of cloud, cloudy with a bit of sun, you know what I mean. Then they roll them and what ever comes up, goes on their site and gets sent to newspapers as the five day forecast.

At least that is the most logical explanation I could come up with.

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