Naramata Bench Tastings

This morning was beautiful in Banff. I tried to sleep in a bit and started a bit later than I normally would. I was on my way by 8:00

I love driving in the mountains. No matter how many time I make the trip, I am always blown away by the scenery. I tried to take my time, stopping often to take photographs.

I decided to drive to Penticton to visit a couple of vineyards I particularly like, even though the drive down the valley can be slow.

Kelowna traffic was the usual hassle. What was at some point a pretty little town has turned into miles and miles of strip malls and condos. It is a prime example of how success can spoil a good thing.

I really wanted to hunt up some of the wine we loved from the Naramata Bench the last time we were here.

A few summers ago we spent a few days at the B&B situated right on the edge of d'Angelo's Vineyards. It is a great spot. I remember sitting high up on the deck outside our room, sharing a bottle of something nice and watching the sun set over the lake.

So of course I drove down to D’Angelo’s Winery and as luck would have it Sal D’Angelo was sitting outside on his ATV and he opened up the wine shop for me. When we stayed at the B&B he hadn’t yet put his wine on the market and I was keen to try it. Sal loves to talk about his wine and is a good story teller. He won a gold medal for his 2005 Merlot the first year he released it. I bought a few bottles of what he had on offer. Lovely stuff.

I then headed up the road to Hillside Estates. I quite like their wine and if you are visiting the area, stop in. The staff are very friendly and know their wine well. Br forewarned, it will be tough to leave without a bottle or two, or a case.

If you are biking on the old Kettle Valley Railway plan to stop at their restaurant for lunch. The trail goes right by their facility and they are happy to see cyclists. After a good lunch a couple of kilometers will bring you within a stone's throw of D'Angelo's. Stop in and chat with Sal.

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