Driving to Banff

I didn't really get off to the most auspicious start this morning, all things considered.

I am on my way to Vancouver for the Fair Vote Canada AGM. I thought I'd drive. I was almost to Grande Coolie when my check engine light came on. Considering that I'd had my car serviced yesterday I figured that was a bit much so, I turned around and went back to Regina to the dealer.

They said they'd order a new catalytic converter and reset everything and I was off again.

It was nice for a while, lots of birds flying north, the Canada Geese in their regimented orderly v's cutting through the sky. One leading then falling back to let a new leader take over and the snow geese all over the map flying in u's and w's mixing it up every which way. My sense is the Canada geese are more impressive to watch but the snow geese would be more fun to have a drink with.

The drive was good until Parkbeg then, much to my surprise, it started to snow. It was a heavy slushy, hard to drive in winter storm for over 100 km. Everyone managed to stay on the road and we all drive through it.

Calgary was sunny and warm. Banff is a bit cloudy and cooler.

That is all he wrote. Time for supper.

1 comment:

  1. What a dark wintery picture!

    The snow geese sound like fun, though.



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