Saturday Drive

Today you might say, was like our first real spring day. All the others days were just a tease, nice enough but not quite there.

In celebration we decided to drive to Weyburn for lunch. In many ways I guess it was like several Saskatchewan rural drives, particularly this time of year before things even start to green up and there are still large patches of snow around. It is almost surreal. There are no defining features, we could have been transported to a hundred other places on Saskatchewan highways and it would look the same.

We did get there on time for a late lunch and a walk around. It is a pretty enough town but we were a bit un-nerved by the sign for what appeared to be a machine shop. The sign is simply a huge assault rifle. I just didn't get it. I don't understand the connection between the sign and the business unless they sell assault rifles on the side or perhaps will create a sawed off shotgun out of the gun Dad used to hunt ducks with. Perhaps in these economic times they provide a service for people looking for another line of work....who knows.

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