Don't Blame me I Voted NDP

Well, much to our surprise, the sun still came up Wednesday morning but no question, the political landscape has shifted substantially. This will be an interesting four years.

On Tuesday night, Canadians probably made the dumbest political we have ever seen in Canada. Four years of that bully boy strutting around pretending he represents the interests of a majority of Canadians may be more than I can stomach.

Looking for silver linings, perhaps the best news is that my friend Mike Sullivan, an NDP candidate got elected in the York-South-Weston riding in Toronto. He is one of the good guys. No question. Way to go Mike.

I am going to take a break from political blogging for a while and try to catch up with several things on my plate that have been slipping past me. I am working on a photo project which I am scrambling to complete by later this week and I have to concentrate on  Folk Festival sponsorship a bit more than I have been.

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  1. Cool!! I wondered if "that" Mike Sullivan was indeed "the" Mike Sullivan that we used to play with. Good Stuff


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