The Blue Meanies are not Really a Majority

I think what will get under my skin over the next four years is that Stephen Harper will strut around saying that his government was supported by a majority of Canadians. It wasn't.

Figure it out.

  • There are over 34 million Canadians
  • 24 million of them are eligible to vote
  • Roughly 6 million Canadians voted for Harper's party. 
  • About 9 million of us voted for candidates who were not Conservatives. 
So, like it or not Stephen, only about 25% of eligible voters actually supported you. Some majority!

There are a couple of things you can do.
  1. Sign Fair Vote Canada's Declaration of Voter's Rights.
  2. Remind the Prime Minister of the facts and ask him to change the electoral system 
It will make you feel that you are doing something about our dismal political situation and hopefully you will begin to feel better about things.

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