Regime Change

Ready, Set, Go
Everyone is doing it so Canada, don't miss this opportunity. The chance doesn't come often enough.

The "Harper Government" is set for a fall and although all the chatter is about the rejection of the budget, it isn't that at all. This government is going down over integrity, dogma, secrecy, lying, bullying, lack of vision, partisanship and corruption.

I wish I'd made a list. I know it would be as long as my arm but I am as bad as everyone else. I move from issue to issue forgetting fairly quickly what annoyed me last week as a new clumsy misstep grabs our attention.

We do remember a few like:
  • Agriculture Minister Gerry "The Ritz Cracker" joking over listeria deaths.
  • The stonewalling over Canadian soldiers turning over Afghans to be tortured.
  • Using the unelected Conservative majority in the Senate to defeat a bill after it was approved by Parliament.
  • The unbridled use of Republican style attack ads to attack the leader of the Liberal.
  • The prorogation of Parliament by Harper in an attempt to save his own skin.
  • The insertion of the word "not" into a document which it seems was approved by the minister in order to reverse that decision.
  • Using Parliamentary staff and budgets to raise funds for the Conservative Party
  • Ignore the law over election spending
Under Stephen Harper's leadership the Conservatives pandered to the anti gun control lobby, shunned climate change research and supported dirty oil and held fast to the view that lower corporate tax rates will solve our economic issues. They are soft of humanitarian aid,  overtly militaristic, most of their elected members are little more than mouthpieces for the Prime Minister's Office.

So this is our chance to make a real change. What do we want instead?
  • Well, what if we had a Prime Minister who believed in and supported our arts and culture a  leader who saw the value of investing our tax dollars to support our writers, our poets, our artists and musicians instead of   and business, business and more business. Sorry, a $75.00 tax write-off for music lessons doesn't cut it.
  • What if we had a Prime Minister who understood that poverty, homelessness, desperation and crime are all pretty much part of the same equation. Some one who was prepared to roll up his sleeves and work to solve those problems instead of just putting those who fall through the cracks in jail.
  • What if we had a Prime Minister who believed that Canada should be a world leader in education and research?
  • What if we had a Prime Minister who valued democracy, human rights and transparency, who was prepared to fix our broken electoral system, who believed in and supported out public broadcaster, who really believed in a Canadian style healthcare system.
What if? 
What if? 
What if?
What if we could believe any of the leaders in the running would bring us all that? They won't but getting rid of Harper would at least be a start.

If we can believe the Globe and Mail poll most Canadians want an election and I'm looking forward it. Anything that would put my MP, Tom  Lukiwski into the opposition back benches would be a positive thing.

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