Off to the Races

Just watched the Harper Government fall. I have been waiting for months. We are off to the races and I have high hopes about what might happen.

Despite what the polls might say. I think this race is Michael Ignatieff's to lose. An election will be Canada's first chance to see him working on his feet. Best of luck to him.

Harper it seems will try and ignore his failure as a government and he will run on the economy and against the so called coalition. Pretty thin in my view. He claims Canadians don't want an election. I think he is wrong.

Some advice for Jack Layton. Stop pretending that you are going to be elected as Prime Minister. You and I and all of us know it isn't going to happen. The New Democrats can provide a strong voice from the left. A strong voice for humanity. Your role is to provide leadership on that front. Stop pretending.

Harper thinks there is a coalition and that coalition brought him down. We all know that is bull.  Arrogance  caused his government to self destruct.

So campaign as hard as possible but when it is all said and done if Harper is back with the support of 37% of Canadians. There are options. Use them.

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