The Member for Regina - Lumsden - Lake Centre Gets it Wrong Again

Come on Tom. Try a bit harder
We all got a lesson in ethics from Tom Lukiwski this morning.  Well, Harper style ethics anyway.
Commenting on the Bev Oda affair my MP waded in yesterday suggesting that Oda was honest with her answers as to how, or why the “not” appeared on the CIDA document recommending continued funding for KIRIOS.  Tom, not the sharpest tool in the shed, suggested, “Perhaps the member should have asked a different question or more questions or have been more diligent in his inquiry, but his unhappiness with the answer is not a breach of privilege.”

Oh really. I don’t think Tom has been paying attention

My suggestion is that Tom Boy enroll in an Ethics 101 course.  Even if he doesn’t learn anything, his views on what is ethical and what is not, would be a source of great amusement to the rest of the class.

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