A Bit Over the Top

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am not too keen on Stephen Harper nor am I very enamoured with his co-conspirators that make up this Conservative government we are saddled with. I don’t hesitate to let people know how I think.

I thought this morning that in fairness, it might be an idea to take a look at what the other side of the debate is saying. There is a website out there called The Blogging Tories which pulls together Conservative posts in an effort to direct readers to their blogs.

Ironically, there is another site called The Blogging Tories in their Own Words. The writers of that blog, constantly amazed by what the right wing has to say, offer a look at the outrageous. They describe the original site this way.

The Blogging Tories is a group of more than 240 Canadian bloggers who have a shared interest in conservative politics. Its more prominent members include Rick Anderson, Keith Beardsley, Monte Solberg, and MPs Maxime Bernier and David Anderson.

According to one its more prolific members, Roy Eappen, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is appreciative of the Blogging Tories’ efforts, and has acknowledged that the group has not only “helped to counter a media that is not very friendly to the party”, but has “helped hold the party’s feet to the fire.” However, despite the group’s influence, it remains largely unknown outside political circles. The Blogging Tories in Their Own Words is an effort to draw attention to their writings and opinions.

Here are just a few offerings:

The Blog Barrel Strength – Smoothly aged insights was none too pleased when Gwynne Dyer was given the Order of Canada. About Dyer, the post said:

"He is very high on the list of those whose corpses should be plowed into a ditch after a short ride in the back of a truck holding other condemned traitors for their mandatory bullet in the head."

Dodo Can Spell, written by someone who describes her blog this way, This blog belongs to a Conservative Woman who believes in total freedom of speech, if you cannot bear the hear it, buy a set of ear plugs and stop whining.

Dodo is offended that Campbell’s Soup is beginning to provide Halal certified products and says:

"Just because different species of humans from all over the world are coming to Canada, does not mean that food manufacturers and food outlets have to change their own products or start new ones to cater to everyone."

“The President of the Campbell Soup Company of Canada is Phillip Donne and here is a list of the other biggies in the company. Great non-Muslim names eh? Next they might want to change them with a prefix Mohammed and a suffix Mohammed...”

And finally in the blog Dr Roy’s Thoughts the writer is still on about Pierre Trudeau. He says in part:

Trudeau's "was an attempt to destroy Canada and remake it in his image.( Kind of like Pol Pot and other Marxist leaders). We live with the tyranny of the Charter of Rights and freedoms."

Now I do accept that I get into the odd rant from time to time but, this stuff is over the top.

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