Jack Backs Off Again

It's just a game isn't it Jack?

A couple of weeks back a rather persistent NDP fund raiser called me asking for a donation to help the New Democrats  build up their war chest. “We all know we are heading for an election this spring and we need this money if we are going to be ready.” She scolded me for my unwillingness to step up.

I finally told her, “Look, my expectation is that Jack Layton will once again get cold feet and support the government’s budget. Give me a call when the election is called and I’ll think about it.”

So I was with some disappointment but very little surprise when I read in this morning’s paper that the NDP are going to withdraw their insistence that Harper back off the corporate tax cut proposal. It seems that Jack has reached another back room deal with Little Stevie and now will support the tax cuts in exchange for some undisclosed legislative favour.

These guys are so predictable.

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