It just Leaves a Bad Taste in my Mouth.

Well Little Stevie has got caught out, playing that crass old patronage game. It is becoming more clear every day. Economic stimulus money is being targeted to Conservative ridings and where they can get away with it, big Conservative Party logos were being attached to the cheques. Harper used to try to pretend that his style of politics didn't include that sort of partisan conduct. I wonder what happened to that line.

Harper has called out the damage control team to try and find a way to minimize the fallout from his very crass attempts to link every bit of stimulus money to the Conservative Party.

I find it really interesting that old party hacks like Norman Spector and others are spilling a good deal of ink in the Globe & Mail and other newspapers trying to justify the Conservative Party's modus operandi. What is surprising is that the newspaper editors are letting them do it and in some cases buying in to the game.

What Spector and his ilk are saying is basically, "Ok, it was a bit over the top but...What about those Liberals. Now they were the masters of this patronage game. What a few MPs did here is no big deal"

That isn't the point Norman. We should not be justifying this latest round of unacceptable behavior by Little Stevie and his gang. Trying to brand economic stimulus money with the Conservative seal is wrong and you should be saying so. Pretending that the amount of money being spent in Conservative ridings doesn't far exceed that being made available to non Conservative riding is simply wrong. Duplessis style politics has no place in this century.

It is kind of like saying, "We just caught these bank robbers red handed with $3,000,000 of the loot still in their pockets but, you know, that isn't nearly as bad as that $4,000,000 robbery those other guys pulled off a few years ago. Boys will be boys."

I'm sorry but it isn't ok. Harper should go on national television and apologize to the nation. Canadian's should be letting him know that this type of behaviour is unacceptable. Most off all, Canadians should be trying to extend their capacity to remember so that it extends at least as far as the next election,

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