Dirty Politics the Saskatchewan Norm

A curious day yesterday in the Saskatchewan Legislature. Brad Wall pretty much set the mood for this session early by claiming, during his welcome to the new Leader of the Opposition, Dwain Lingenfelter that, the last time the two of them had talked was in 2003 when Wall claims Lingenfelter gave him advice as to how to beat then NDP Leader Lorne Calvert in the next election.

What wasn't clear was if the advice was followed by the Saskatchewan Party because Calvert won that election.

Dwain obviously denies the exchange ever happened. I don't really claim to know Lingenfelter but, I'd wager that there are more than a few old style New Democrats think that Brad's words ring true.

Brad Wall embarrassed Lingenfelter right out of the gate. It is pretty clear. Dirty politics will rule the day. I'd say hold on to your hats. we are in for a pretty raucous, no holds bared session.

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