It would be going too far to say that Wawa is my least favorite north of Superior town on the highway but, not very much too far. Every time I drive by I remember that old Crowbar song, Stuck on the Road in Wawa Ontario and I am afraid it might happen to me. I know, few of you remember the old Canadian blues band Crowbar.

Anyone who has passed by however would remember the goose. It is one of those roadside attractions Canada is famous or. A Canada Goose. there are now two other huge goose statues in town - if that is what we call those things, You just can't get too much of a good thing.

So, here I am in yet another Wawa motel. Just down the road from the big Canada goose

The drive from Manitoulin Island to here was slow. Too many small towns.Tough to make time

For what it is worth. The pizza at the North of 17 Restaurant is pretty good. So, if you spend the night here. Take my advice, chose pizza over Chinese. I've tried them both and pizza wins hands down.

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