I left Wolfe Island this morning on the 7:45 ferry intending to make it a short day by stopping in Owen Sound.

At first glance it seemed like a pretty small town - the home of Billy Bishop - but after a dreadful meal at a Chinese restaurant for lunch I decided prospects for supper looked pretty thin so I moved on.

I will spend the night in Tobermoray on the Bruce Peninsula and take the ferry to Manitolin Island in the morning. I haven't looked at the map closely so I am not sure where I'll spend tomorrow night


  1. Wolfe Island at 7:45 to Owen Sound for lunch? First, that's almost a six hour drive. Second, you went by a lot of lovely spots like Port Hope, Shelburne . . . did I mention Port Hope?

  2. First, I speed and it was a late lunch.
    Second, It was a lovely drive.


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