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When I was considering starting a blog I often thought "Why bother, who cares what I have to say?"" I really never thought anyone much beyond friends and family would bother visiting anyway. In the end, I took it on as an exercise and a challenge more than anything else.

The blog became a look at things going on around me, personal, political and topical. During elections and political crisis I'm afraid it has become a bit of a place to rant about what was pissing me off but I do try, sometimes unsuccessfully, not to go over the line, what ever that is.

I haven't gotten a lot of comments left on the blog so curious, I have from time to time put a tracker on the site. The world map above gives me an idea where the visitors live. I have been amazed at times by where they come from and what subjects draw them in.

So, welcome to my blog. Nice to have you drop in.

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