Pressing and Important Issue Resolved

If only to put an important issue, which came up in discussion at Bushwakkers last night, to rest. I pose the following question.

If toilet paper is supposed to roll off the bottom of the roll, as some claim, why do all the on-line photographs have it rolling off the top?

This also goes some distance in proving that,Cheryl is always right.


  1. Sounds like you had fun at Bushwakkers last night.


  2. As you can tell, the conversation hit a particularly high level.
    We did have a lot of fun though.

  3. Gord, Gord, you should do more research before making absolute statements about 'all' of the online photos. For instance, check out:


    A very scientific poll conducted at probabilityof.com (which unfortunately refers to the individual toilet paper user as "the defecator") reveals that 24% still prefer the bottom of the roll method. A minority, yes, but don't you find that the more refined among us are often in the minority?

    This issue does not rest.



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