Ian Rankin, Rebus and Edinburgh

I have started re-reading a few of Ian Rankin's Rebus novels. I figure it just makes good sense considering that we will be flying in and out of Edinburgh and will spend almost a week in that city, early in June.

Fans will know that Rankin's detective has a special relationship with Edinburgh and I intend to have, at the very least, a single malt and a beer or two at the Oxford Pub, one of his, and Rankin's, old haunts.

We are hoarders, particularly when it comes to books, so I was pleased to find 10 of the 18 Rebus books in the basement. However, I was surprised to see such a big hole in my collection. I since managed to pick up most of the ones I didn't have. So the search is on for the remainder. The others, The Black Book and Resurrection Men I am looking for so, if any kind soul has a copy of one of them I haven't yet read, tucked in a corner bookshelf somewhere, consider lending it to me.

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