Do News Comment Sites Spread Hate?

Have you spent any time reading the "comments" sections of internet news sites lately? I have and frankly, I am really wondering what the hell is going on.

The idea is a good one. I see real value in having a forum which allows me to comment on stories that grab my interest and to read what others think. Unfortunately most of the news sites have been taken over by yahoos, with names like Sewerhead, Commiehater and Redwolf. Many of them must spend their days just waiting for another drug story to rant on about, a First Nations story give them an excuse to spread their special brand of hate or any news story about Jack Layton to send them into a full fledged seizure.

It has gotten so bad that a First Nations group from Manitoba has filed a complaint against the CBC saying that they are promoting racism by allowing the comments to be published on their site.

I really appreciate Heather Mallick's particular brand of insightful commentary but the responses left on the CBC site to her writing are vicious. Really over the top. She is so fed up with the comments to her columns that she posted an article about it asking for some sanity, "There are rules you know." and "No I don't want to have a threesome."

It isn't the CBC alone although they do have their own brand of crazies responding to every story. (The right wingers think the CBC is run by communists and the lefties think the Mother Corporation is in Harper's pocket)) Most news sites struggle with the same problem. As I understand it, part of the issue is that if the media outlets choose to moderate the sites, they could become libel for anything over the line that slips through.

Perhaps this is my own small appeal for some sanity. I really do appreciate a good rant but most of this stuff is put together by people who can't even construct a proper sentence and that must have spell check turned off on their computers. Get a life people. A bit of maturity goes a long way.

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