Harper at it Again

A couple of things caught my eye earlier during my morning sift through the Globe and Mail.

First I noticed that in, what was billed as a non partisan move, Harper has moved Paul Wilson into his inner circle as Policy Chief. Non Partisan? Wilson is billed as an former Reformer who was working in Diane Finley's office. I hardly think that the old Reform Party was a hot bed of deep intellectual thought or that they were non partisan. The words rabid and narrow minded spring to mind.

Either those reporters have been just rewriting the spin coming out of the PMO or they are smoking something better than I have got.

The other story I thought was intriguing is the one about Quebec's plan to build a hydro electric project in what Newfoundland and Labrador claim as their territory. This territorial dispute has been largely ignored by everyone for over 20 years now and the Federal Government has sided with Quebec in agreeing to hear that province's argument that the land is theirs. It is hard to believe that the Federal decision is little more than a chance to poke Danny Williams in the eye all the while sucking up to Quebec for votes. It is what Conservatives think of as shrewd political strategy. It is what I think of as petty and small minded vindictiveness.

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