Where are the local candidates?

At some point in this country local candidates actually mattered but we have got to the point where nothing seems to mean anything but what the Federal Leaders say.

Harper has even muzzled his cabinet ministers. Come to thing about it I guess if I was in his shoes I would too. With a team like Gerry Ritz, Tony Clement, Maxime Bernier, Stockwell Day and Jim Flaherty I would too.

What about actually meeting the voters? No Candidate has come to my door. I actually think some candidates are afraid to go door to door. For example, I think Tom Lekiwski is going to rely on the rural/small town voters and say the hell with what urbanites think. I can't say as I blame him.

If the Leader can't or won't comment they leave it to the political strategists to get the message out.

Michelle Hunter, the Conservative running against Ralph Goodale won't even show up for a debate at the University or Regina.

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