The English Debate

This debate was probably the most fun of any in recent history.

Again the opposition did well. Dion, Layton and Duceppe all looked like they would do well as Prime Minister notwithstanding Giles’ admission that he was not going to be the PM.

If anyone really shone it was Elizabeth May. She obviously did her research and just badgered Harper all night. She really gave her party credibility they have been struggling to win. In the end does it matter? Maybe yes, likely no. Some votes will move Green but she will be lucky to get a couple of seats.

What it does show is that we are overdue for election reform. The Greens deserve to be in the House of Commons.

Harper mostly sat back and took the heat. He didn’t respond well but some would argue he doesn’t have to do much more than show up and not put his foot in his mouth. His lead is solid but, I do not believe he will secure a majority.

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