The Polls etc

As much as I got pretty annoyed that the first day of the election newspapers reported "Harper heading for Majority" I am a sucker for the polls. I have been tracking a couple day to day.

CTV is tracking swing ridings in Ontario, Quebec and B.C. You can take a look here

The Globe and Mail is tracking the combined results of several different pollers. The results don't show a great deal of movement nationally but the Liberals and the Conservatives have slipped slowly over the past 2 weeks. The NDP are on a slow climb. The block and the Greens are up and down. Try it here

September 14 this is where they stood:

Harper 40%
Dion 26%
Layton 15%
Duceppe 9%
May 8%

As of today

Harper 37%
Dion 24%
Layton 19%
Duceppe 9%
May 9%

It ain't over yet

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