Haven't we had Enough of Lisa Raitt

Lisa Raitt, one of Harper's toadies,  always has been a light weight, ready to abandon her historical roots to appease the business side of industrial relations.

Lisa Has a Record of Making Bad Decisions
Her record to date has put her in such a position that it has become impossible for her to act effectively as Labour Minister in the Harper Government. Always ready to shift the balance to business and screw labour's efforts to negotiate reasonable bargaining agreements, this week her actions took the cake.

As she hustled through the Toronto Airport, a few Air Canada employees, taunted her with a slow clap and by calling out "Good Job Lisa." You can hardly blame them. Lisa screwed the worker not much more that a week ago and they are pretty bitter.

What Lisa should have done was to simply walk on but, instead she called out for the RCMP to arrest the clappers. Air Canada then fired them and in doing so, caused a wildcat strike in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City. It caused massive delays.

So who is to blame.

In my view, if we are making a list;
  • Lisa Raitt is on top.  
  • Air Canada is next.
I think we are seeing the beginning of a major push back by labour. Canadian business and governments really didn't like the hard line labour took in the1980's. When labour began to work with business through interest based bargaining and taking concessions when times did get tough. .

Labour has been re-payed by business and governments by enabling the shifting of good Canadian jobs to the third world and collectively moving wages, benefits and pensions  ever closer to the lowest common denominator.

Hold on to your hats. This could get ugly. It should get ugly.

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