Watching the NDP Leadership Race

I am having a ball watching the NDP leadership race.

I have to amend my prediction that Thomas Mulcair will win by the second ballot. It may take three or four.

 I think Topp is all but out but - I have been wrong before.

The kingmaker probably will be Cullen and I can imagine him going to Topp. Nash is an also ran at this point..

The most interesting thing was to listen to Conservative Cabinet Minister James Moore comment on the convention.

He said "Everyone would say Jack was a really nice guy. Everyone liked him but no one would say that about Mulcair."

That shown two things in my mind.

  1. Just how mean spirited the Cons are
  2. How afraid the Cons are of Tom
He also scoffed at Mulcair's 30% support on the first ballot forgetting that the Cons won a majority with not much more than that. Also forgetting that the NDP are tied with the Con Men for Canadians support this week.

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