Did everyone Just wake up Yesterday

Harper touts his economic record - Canadians are fooled again - by 2012 it has grown to $58 Billion
Stephen Harper wants you to believe that he has an amazing economic record. The Globe & Mail believes him and from what I can gather, so do a majority of Canadians.

The graphic says it all.

Harper is on to something here. Lie and cheat all you want. No one really cares. In fact, no one is paying attention at all.

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  1. i read you gord
    they did take progressive out of conservative didn't they?
    it has become a conservative race to the bottom or the dark ages
    i keep mixing up their social and financial policies
    why we have government that has no interest in the welfare of people is beyond my imagination
    oh my i said the evil communist ultra-left "welfare" word.
    and in an anti-government statement
    guess i'm a terrorist now
    how come election tampering isn't treason?
    it all might make the new lexicon tho
    harpers legacy might be like the bakers dozen meaning 13
    anytime you get 1 out of 4 in any situation
    it can be said you have a "harper majority"

    i think people care
    7 out of 10 voted against them
    it's just the game is rigged a bit
    and indefensible to to the outright liars and cheaters if they are clever
    i mean issuing departmental orders to not make statements on fear of your job
    then cutting finances on the ones you don't like
    giving them no way to protest
    kinda brilliant in that Hannibal lector sort of way
    what scares me most is that they actually think they are doing the right thing
    pre-apoctalyptic, law and order, righteous fundamentalists with god on their side, as it were, selling off canada as fast as they can.
    its the americanadian way these days
    blessings ....mike


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